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Update to Hazel River Task Force,
March 7, 2007

Update from Sally Mello

Dear Friends of the Hazel River,

Tthere is some good news to report, but the task is not yet finished. The river has been approved for Tier III throughout Culpeper County. It has passed through the Governor's office. We are now into the regulatory phase of actually making it a law that the river is protected. The Water Control Board will however hold another hearing to hear more comments on the value of the Tier III designation. It is basically a review of the support for the program, and is a required part of the regulatory action. This will also be a time for further objections to be heard. If there are enough objections there will be a panel imposed to discuss the designation further and to try and resolve perceived problems.

I think it would be a good idea to write a letter of support at this time. If you know of a friend who supports the concept of river protection but has NOT yet commented, this would be the time to ask them to participate. I hope a broad spectrum of the local population will comment.

If you would stay with the Tier III nomination of the Hazel for awhile longer we can see this 14 year project to a hopeful new phase in the Hazel’s future. It will be there as it has for centuries but more respected and cleaner from your grandchildren.

You can reach me at fahmahs@comcast.net or by mail at 14455 Waterford Run Lane, Rixeyville, VA 22737, also at 540 937-5062.

Sincerely yours,

Sally Mello

The Hazel River Task Force

The Hazel River Task Force was formed in September 2005 by several groups who are helping to inform citizens of Rappahannock County and Culpeper County about the Tier III nomination for the Hazel River. The Task Force was inspired by Sally Mello of Culpepr County who has spearheaded the Hazel nomination. The groups include Rappahannock League for Environmental Protection, RappFLOW, Piedmont Environmental Council, and Culpeper Concerned Citizens.

The Task Force has already sent informative letters to all land owners on the Hazel River in both Rappahannock and Culpeper Counties, created a flyer, contributed materials for a special issue of the RLEP news, and found out answers to citizens' questions by discussing various issues with the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality. RappFLOW has contributed several maps, data, and information to the Task Force.

TMDL plan for Hazel, Hughes & Rush River watersheds 6/10/08

State Water Control Board Agenda 3/15/06

Hazel River nominated “Exceptional State Water”

2/6/06 - Consideration of Petition to Designate the Hazel River as an Exceptional State Water - 2/6/06 (PDF, will open in separate window)

Hazel River Staff Recommendation (undated) (PDF, will open in separate window)

Tier III Public Comment Summary Comment Period Close 12/19/05 (PDF, will open in separate window)

Summary Report for the Hazel River Staff Site Visit November 3 & 4, 2005 (PDF, will open in separate window)

Virginia's Hazel River - Hazel River nominated for protection, by Paul Farmer, Fall 2005

5/2/06: Letter from Rappahannock County Board of Supervisors to State DEQ stating the Board’s position on the matter of designating the Hazel River as Tier III Exceptional Waters (PDF)

6/1/06 - Green light for Hazel River Tier III in Park and in Culpeper County