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Riparian Buffer & Rain Garden Project


A “rain garden” is just what it sounds like: a specially designed garden area created to capture and filter rainwater that runs off from hard surfaces such as parking lots, roads, driveways and rooftops. Rain gardens perform a dual role:

  • They filter pollutants picked up when stormwater flows across an impervious surface
  • They help to maintain the hydrologic balance of the area by slowing the stormwater and giving it a chance to absorb into the soil, adding to our groundwater supply rather than rushing away, causing damage further downstream

During the spring and summer of 2008, RappFLOW constructed a Rain Garden at The Link in Sperryville, VA, wrote an article in the local paper, collected publications, and held a workshop for home owners interested in rain gardens.

Rain Garden Presentation

Rain Garden Pamphlet

Rain Garden Article

Virginia Dept. of Forestry Rain Garden Technical Guide

2013 Report to DOF

rain garden

Report prepared  by RappFLOW (Tim Bondelid) regarding the rain garden we constructed in Sperryville at the Old Schoolhouse

Photo from Rain Garden Spring 2015

Photo from Thornton River Buffer