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Washington Sewage Treatment Plant Permit to Discharge Effluent to Rush River

The Town of Washington's application for a permit to discharge 60,000 gallons of treated wastewater effluent into the Rush River was approved on June 1 by a unanimous vote of the State Water Control Board.

During the months preceding this decision, many citizens became involved in discussion and research on many topics such as the condition of the Rush River, the nature of waste water effluent, the DEQ permitting process, water quality parameters of concern,  and monitoring of the Rush.  RappFLOW has assembled much of this information and attempts to make it easily accessible on this web site.  Much of the information is also available in paper files at the RappFLOW headquarters in Sperryville.

RappFLOW volunteers started monitoring water quality at 13 sites along the Rush River and its tributaries in April 2006.  We will be posting the data in the “My Watershed” sections of this website.