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Scenic Rivers in Rappahannock County

Supervisors support Scenic River effort

See letter from County Administrator John McCarthy to Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation


April 10, 2010: The 2010 Virginia General Assembly passed bills designating segments of the Hughes and Jordan Rivers in Rappahannock County as State Scenic Rivers. There will be a major event in Richmond on Friday April 23 with Gov. McDonnell to celebrate the Scenic Rivers program and to honor those who helped create and sustain the program. For more info, contact Hal@rappahannock.com.

The Rappahannock River is a Virginia-designated Scenic River, one of only 18 in the state.

Seven other rivers in the county have been nominated in the 2007 Virginia Outdoors Plan for evaluation and possible designation. These include the Jordan, Piney, Covington, Rush, Hazel, Hughes, and segments of the Thornton River.

To see the locations of these rivers on a map, please go to My Watershed.

Landowners on these rivers who wish to have their rivers evaluated for scenic designation can use the following information to assist in their effort:

Supervisors invite scenic river evaluation
(June 4, 2007)

Letter from Supervisors to Department of Conservation & Recreation
(June 8, 2007)

Letter from Water Quality Advisory Committee to Board of Supervisors
(May 15, 2007)

Letter to Jordan River landowners
(March 18, 2007)

What "Scenic River" designation does and does not do

Evaluation criteria for scenic river designation

DCR website for full information about Scenic Rivers program

Virginia Outdoors Plan

For more information please contact Hal Hunter.








Posted 6/24/07