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Sustainable Forestry Information Resources

Compiled for RappFLOW Forum on Sustainable Forestry April 24, 2004

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VDOF Publications and Brochures. The Virginia Department of Forestry produces a variety of publications. You can view many of these publications online.

VDOF Water Quality, Forests provide a vital role in preserving water quality.

BMP GUIDE, Virginia's Forestry Best Management Practices for Water Quality , 216 pages.

BMP Field Guide Virginia's Forestry Best Management Practices for Water Quality, 92 pages.

VDOF Forest Management Services In addition to fire prevention and control the DOF has a responsibility to follow-up on harvesting and to assist landowners who seek advice.

VDOF Forest Resource Information Mapper (ForestRIM) , An online mapping tool that allows users to view over 100 map layers, including forest resources information, aerial photos and topographic maps.

Virginia Cooperative Extension Service
Go to http://www.ext.vt.edu then Resources, then Forestry for lots of info on forestry.

Forest Landowner's Guide to The Measurement of Timber and Logs, Publication Number 420-085, by James E. Johnson, Extension Forester, Virginia Tech, How to estimate the value of standing timber.

Farm Tractor Logging for Woodlot Owners
Publication Number 420-090, posted April, 1998 by Robert M. Shaffer, Extension Specialist,Virginia Tech

Firewood for Home Heating, Publication Number 420-003, by James E. Johnson, Extension Forester, Virginia Tech, The warm, constant heat provided by a good wood stove is hard to beat for comfort, and coupled with another type of furnace or heat source can be a very effective choice for both comfort and cost.

A Handbook for Forest Vegetation Management in Recreation and Historic Parks , Publication Number 420-143, 20 pages, by Amy C. Helms and James E. Johnson, Virginia Tech. Maintaining healthy, vigorous forests that meet specific park objectives requires a consideration of the ecology of the species involved, and a pro-active management policy.

A Logger's Guide to Forest Planning, Publication Number 420-088, by Robert M. Shaffer, Extension Specialist, Virginia Tech. To incorporate Best Management Practices into a logging operation while carrying out that operation in the most efficient manner requires PLANNING.

Understanding the Science Behind Riparian Forest Buffers: An Overview, Publication Number 420-150, by Julia C. Klapproth James and E. Johnson,Virginia Tech
One of the most important functions of riparian forests is to protect water quality by reducing the amount of sediment, nutrients and other pollutants that enter streams, lakes, and other surface waters.

Pure Horse Power by Frank Tursi
Woodsman hopes to find niche, profit in his gentler way of clearing and sustaining forests

Healing Harvest Forest Foundation is an organization established to develop, implement and support community-based sustainable forestry initiatives, through the widespread use of animal-powered extraction of logs and "worst first" single tree selection of individual trees in timber harvesting.

Lungs of the Planet by Author: Kristin C. Waters Wise
Local Farm Utilizes Biological Woodsman to Harvest Timber; an interview with Chad Vogel.

Virginia Forest Landowner Short Course Series coordinated by the Virginia Tech Department of Forestry

An award-winning series of classroom and web-based courses for forest landowners. http://www.cnr.vt.edu/forestupdate/courses.htm

Virginia Forest Landowner Update. This online service is provided by a coalition of natural resource agencies with the common goal of conserving Virginia's forest and wildlife resources. It provides practical information to forest landowners, natural resource professionals, youth and other interested parties on the many benefits of sustainable forestry.

Converting Open Fields to Forest by Dylan Jenkins, Extension Forester, Virginia Tech
The process is a little more complicated than simply planting a lot of trees on an old field.

When loggers use horse sense to help protect forests, National Wildlife, April-May, 1998, by Mark Cheater. Animal-powered timber extraction is the ultimate low-impact extraction method.

So You Bought the Farm? Top Ten Recommendations for New Forest Landowners by Dylan Jenkins Virginia Tech,

There's No Time Like the Present by Daniel L. Goerlich, Virginia Cooperative Extension
Forest landowner education is a key component in sustainable forest management.

Horse-Logging in Virginia by Jim Willis, Extension Forester
If logging roads, skidding trails, and loading areas aren't properly designed, water quality problems can result.

Dendrology at Virginia Tech then go to “Fact Sheets”
This page leads to tree identification fact sheets on approximately 800 species of trees.