Rappahannock Friends and Lovers of Our Watershed

Avon Hall Pond Project

Plan of Work April - September 2014

  • Plant mixture of native grasses and wildflower seeds in the entire pond buffer area to south and west of pond.
  • Erect exclusion fence to keep geese out of the seeded area.
  • Water seeded area as needed throughout summer.
  • Volunteers will continue to monitor water quality, temperature, and outflow from the pond.
  • Recruit and schedule volunteers for the following:
    • Plant emergent plants in the water at the edge of pond.
    • Plant Shrub Buffer & Native Wildflowers. Under the guidance of an experienced landscape gardener, volunteers will plant the area along the dam of the pond with small, native, shrub plants and grasses.
  • provide signs that tell visitors about the pond improvement project.
  • provide educational materials explaining the process of cleaning up the pond.
  • conduct public education events at the pond to teach about methods and results to date.
  • gather and communicate observations and data on the water quality, plants, and animals in and around the pond.
  • conduct fish survey.
  • brief members of the Town Council on progress and learnings.
  • seek additional funding for materials and events.